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    Seeing the pitches from an umpire's perspective

    Tuesday night I umpired my very first fastpitch game. HS rec level as a last-minute replacement. The biggest takeaway I had was it's not easy. Calling ball/strike is not easy because you have to imagine the borders of the zone floating in space. I had a bit of an epiphany that when I work...
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    Hitting adjustments for screwballs and defensive shift

    Watching our local small school high school team, they played a team three times this season. All three games they faced the same opposing right-handed pitcher who throws around 53 mph. Her delivery was to start toward the 1st base side of the rubber, stride further to the side to what my...
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    Old Footage

    While finding a picture for another thread, I came across this footage from the '30s. It is baseball, but so many topics discussed thoroughly on this site were seen as issues back then as well. Hitting mechanics, throwing mechanics, pitching grips, fielding techniques, rundowns, fielder...
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    Pushing the envelope for leaving early

    RAD brought this up in the POP times thread: Do you teach a runner to leave early to get that extra step or two or three? Is it cheating or just trying to gain an edge? Personally, I've taught kids what the rule says, and had them practice to that. I'll let them know if they are late on...
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    Interesting Ejection Question

    Not softball, but this did get me thinking. Josh Donaldson hits a home run a few days ago. As he's approaching home plate he kicks dirt onto the plate. Umpire ejects him, then he reaches back and steps on the plate as if he had missed touching it. Maybe he did touch the plate the first...
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    Telling the coach to take a hike...or burning bridges?

    On another thread, Razor011 detailed frustration over how DD's team had a favorite 9 and 3 bench players. Part of the coach's "criteria" for getting playing time was game performance. How do you get game performance when coach doesn't put you in the game? Many respondents agreed it was a bad...

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