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    The Saga of Rebuilding a School Program: A parent-coach's journal

    Awesome with you learning pitching to help sustain your community's program. That is my motivation, too.
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    Parents.... Subtitle: The bad apples

    Silver lining is the next morning they sit in their folding chairs hungover with sunglasses on and hat pulled down low and don't utter their usual stupid comments.
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    Continuation Rule Ump Call

    Almost need some form of Yelp reviews for umpires. I say "almost" because there would be sour grapes coaches and parents trashing an umpire because they didn't get their way.
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    Is there a softball bible?

    This DFP website isn't quite the same as a bible, but it is kind of like an open-door church where you can find lots of answers to your questions. Frequent attendance is encouraged, and no one waves an offering plate in front of you!
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    The Saga of Rebuilding a School Program: A parent-coach's journal

    Great saga! Keep it coming. I'm in the midst of my own program building in the role of head of the softball association. Started from scratch. Providing support to the program outside the school season. Making headway in changing the culture that softball is what girls do only when there is...
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    self-depreciating talk in the dugout / poor body language

    If this is what he's known for, not too impressive. Wins and championships get overshadowed by poor behavior. Detrimental to any sport.
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    Can't Choose Softball or Theatre

    RAD has acting chops too, how about that! Gotta re-imagine some classic theatrical productions to give them a fastpitch twist: Our Town('s Rec Program) A Midsummer Night's Rain Delayed Game Oklahoma! (Wins another title) Wicked (Change-Up) Annie Get Your Glove! Little Shop of Homers Catcher Me...
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    Question for instructors

    Try it yourself. Hold your arm up above your shoulder with your palm facing the catcher. Let your arm go limp to fall down the back of the arm circle and carry forward. You should have just experienced internal rotation of your humerus and pronation of your wrist as it passed by your leg, a...
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    Assessment of Players

    As a pitching coach I have had students working on their own in the gym or school fields given free well-intentioned advice by former coaches or parents who happen to be walking by. These people usually have a LITTLE knowledge or outdated knowledge that does not correspond to what I teach. I...
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    USA Softball cutoff date for age divisions

    A redshirted kindergartener usually means a juice spill.
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    Getting a rec team to hit

    I've seen kids take a next step by adding a little competition to the front toss cage work. After they've all had a bucket of balls to swing at, break them into teams (3 on 3 is good) and they get at-bats. Coach judges their hit by foul, out (weak grounder or pop up), or hit. Three outs per...
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    How to crow hop?

    Perhaps would have more success getting scholarship money by training students to get higher scores on the ACT/SAT
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    What are the first couple steps to teach a prospective pitcher?

    As a bonus, if you do it with them, you become a much more competent BP thrower.
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    First HS HR

    One of the greatest joys is watching these kids develop as players and get these "firsts".
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    So another situation; runner on third, 3rd baseman playing in, scorching liner whizzes past 3rd baseman between her and the foul line, but strikes runner who has taken only a step off the bag in fair territory. That runner is safe as well, correct?
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    Should umpires signal/announce a fair ball?

    Surprising. Players are busy playing, not watching the umpire for a ruling fair/foul. Truly is a disservice to the players. Apples and oranges, but imagine Wimbledon matches where the line judges only used hand signals.
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    The Business of Youth Sports

    Gonna go re-watch "The Sandlot."
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    If Softball HAS to Have Time Limits…

    I was agreeing with you with this as a possibility, but then I started thinking the defense will stall to kill an offensive rally. Could happen several times during a game. Or did I miss something?
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    Playing Catch

    Lots of pollen suddenly in the air when I read that.
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    Help - Best place to find a left-hand thrower's catcher's mitt

    Tried Shoeless Jane once. I don't know if I got a counterfeit or what, but the cardboard box it came it would have been more durable.

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