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  1. skoorb76

    DeMarini Prism+ 2021 32/22 -10 Used VG

    I have a 2021 Prism+, very good condition, my daughter just does not like. Would like to trade for another 32/22 balanced bat like a DeMarini CF or a Mizuno Power Carbon, or LXT, etc. also 32/22. Would sell, but really would like to trade for another top 32/22. What do you have?
  2. skoorb76

    Dad glove

    What's the best glove for the money for a fastpitch dad who is struggling with the old pancake from the barn? Duties include bucket catching and helping out at practice and warmups for 11U...
  3. skoorb76

    Glove for 11U

    Hi all, been lurking a while, learning a lot. My DD is going into 11U starting this fall, getting more serious and starting to upgrade her equipment. We got her a 12" A500 Siren last season and it served her very well in 10U. It's very comfortable for her, but I think it's getting pretty...

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