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    Tag up at third

    I would also like to say, because I did not see it addressed anywhere, but the out is an appeal, even though it is disguised as a force out. There are 2 different appeals live ball and dead ball. The throw to a base after a catch for a tag up is a live ball appeal (just like tagging a runner...
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    Custom glove question

    The reference to White/Grey was removed from ASA/USA rule books, I don't know when, but it is not in my 2020 copy. The NCAA has slightly different wording. See both below. NCAA 3.6.2 Gloves/mitts may not be the color of the ball but may be any combination of other colors. ASA/USA rule was...
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    Interference Rule on Slide into Catcher

    As mention, the intent was to prevent the double play, so yes there is intent, but not to injure as I see it. I watch things in real speed as that is all I get when I'm on the field. In real speed at without being able to do a slow-mo replay/analysis. My call would be out at home on the force...
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    Interference Rule on Slide into Catcher

    I don't say much, but I will say I am with RAD on this. After watching the video of the OP, I agree there is interference, but no malicious contact. The runner did adjust her base path to take her into the fielder, to break up the double play, which is interference. Not all contact is...
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    Charged conference

    6.12.4 Entitles the defensive team gets one conference per half inning, so that would be seven. The difference between the media rule (6.7) and the normal rule (6.12) is as applied to when a pitcher is replaced. As you mentioned the media rule only allows for 7 conferences per game. Rule...
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    Assiting the runner

    The myth might come from the NCAA. There is a rule, that stipulates on a dead-ball award to not touch the player, (except other runners and base coach) until they touch home plate. The other players can not even cross into fair territory. On the first offense it is a warning and then any...
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    Last year there was a play to finish an LSU and Auburn game, during the SEC's opening series. The play was almost the exact same as the OP, with the exception of the ball was not dislodged (I can not find a good video of the play). The timing of the catch to the collision and everything was...
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    Interference The runner may not attempt to dislodge the ball from the fielder. Contact above the waist shall be judged by the umpire as an attempt by the runner to dislodge the ball. Look at the bolded section. This contact was definitely above the waist. I did not say there was not obstruction...
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    Yes the NCAA Rule is as below: 12.13.1 When there is a collision between a runner and a fielder who is in clear possession of the ball: 120 RULE 12 / BASE RUNNING If the defensive player blocks the base (plate) or baseline, the runner may slide into the base and make contact with the...

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