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    Recruiting manager?

    daughter used sports recruits which is good for her to be able to see who is viewing her profile along with easy to email out of, but all of her reponses have been when she was sending email from her regular email account she created.
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    New Slapper: Still left and Right. What's the plan in the box?

    Daughter did the whole left right thing first year 16s is when she stayed full time on the left, because of that her transition from hitting away to slapping didn't become as smooth as it should be until last year. The great thing about being able to do both is when one isn't working you have...
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    Coach Signaling We Should Resign?

    I think with that you have to take the age of the kid into consideration 2nd year 14s and up would fit this.
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    Lake County IL Slapper Coach

    Sammy Marshall https://www.deltaperformancesoftball.com/
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    Playing for Large Orgs?

    Keep in mind when playing for those "large orgs" playing time is not guaranteed. As for the fees comment above most of the fees for these "National" teams run around the same rate.
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    Coach Signaling We Should Resign?

    I would see after this weekend if she doesn't play have a talk with the coaches, but have the conversation along the lines of what she needs to improve on. Then work on those things. If nothing changes but they are good coaches teaching proper fundamentals I'd stick around, if not then I'd make...
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    Softball viewing from the Hill

    I dont know what's dumber the no fans or this never ending dead period
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    Teams that join out of state Organizations

    Works for some not for others, TDs know what teams are which for field placement and letting them into tournaments, same with college coaches they know which teams are which and have those relationships. What it might help for is recruiting kids., IDK maybe it's easier to build of an...
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    D1 Walk-ons

    I once read an article of a girl that played just local to her state, and was encouraged to try out for the college (P5 Big Ten school) she went to even though she thought her playing days were over they accepted her and she ended up being there bullpen catcher. The issue now is with the...
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    These kids are good..

    Sorry for the length of this, but my daughter is rounding 3rd heading home and I hope this can help anyone. Twitter is one piece of the puzzle might work for some maybe not for others. It’s all about getting that look same with the name on the jersey it will get you that look but what happens...
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    Most obnoxious parent

    Lars is that you, when I seen this photo I thought oh crap someone is about to blast my early travel ball parent obnoxiousness, but looks like this was before my daughter joined the team (sigh of relief)... Hope all is well!!
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    Softball Organizations - USSSA, PGF, etc...

    I think it just depends on area, PGF is currently the gold standard, the new Alliance league will give them a run for there money, but competition is a good thing. Yes, top gun did. With the two state directors involved with the alliance, PGF needed the area covered. PGF is the current gold...
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    Anyone else headed to Clearwater this weekend?

    We were able to sub for a team for Clearwater after regular team pulled out, wish daughter played for a team in the past that went on a regular. I agree with the above statement for the Panthers pitcher she was dealing.
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    IDT or Sparkler (Colorado)

    Colorado I feel is an experience every softball player should partake in at least once. I do agree if you aren't playing in IDT or the power pools won't be much "showcasing".

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