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    Cruising speed

    Not that you made this claim, but does a 2.10 ERA in 190 IP at the highest levels of college softball count as being "figured out"?
  2. Traps71

    Cruising speed

    I don't know if she cruises at 70, but Valerie Cagle from Clemson throws very hard.
  3. Traps71

    Velocity vs accuracy

    This generally seems about right to me. At the regional level at 16s, have not seen many girls consistently delivering the ball in the low 60s. Also agree that certainly by 16s that even that velocity—which is coming in pretty hot—won’t scare anybody unless it is really well located and/or has...
  4. Traps71

    Pregame warmups? Pitching guys chime in please.

    As you say, every girl is different but mine (now 16 and playing 18U) would prefer about 25-30 minutes to go from cold to hot. She would not feel rushed with that kind of time. Stopping her warm up about 10 minutes or so from game time would be ideal. If she had already loosened up before the...
  5. Traps71

    Tricks/games to recreate pressure?

    This is not very creative, but it is effective. Simulate batters. Start with 0-0 count and see if they can strike the batter out before walking them. Catcher calls balls/strikes. You can take this up a notch by having a batting tee on a bucket actually standing in for a batter. Can move it...
  6. Traps71

    If Softball HAS to Have Time Limits…

    We once played I think it was USA Softball Eastern Nationals (not sure why they called a regional tournament a nationals, but that's another question) and I like how they managed the time to prevent or at least dissuade stalling. Think it was a 80 or 90 minute game finish the inning+1 inning...
  7. Traps71

    The Business of Youth Sports
  8. Traps71

    Best summer showcase or tournament mid-Atlantic?

    The annual Glory Strike Out Cancer tournament in Northern VA attracted a number of college coaches this summer.
  9. Traps71

    Softball Crisis in 2025?

    Is active use of the transfer portal also affecting these numbers...more shuffling of athletes already within the system that dampens need for fresh recruits?
  10. Traps71

    Do coaches still spend time on rundowns(pickles)?

    Our 16U team executed a run down poorly this past weekend and it cost us a run. They seem to rarely practice it and it showed.
  11. Traps71

    Stats question

    Agree that Garbage In=Garbage Out. Couple of thoughts…On offense, I would recommend looking at HHB, Quality At Bats (QABs), and probably OBP or OPS. Even though HHB is a subjective gauge by the scorekeeper, I generally find that those who are recorded as having the most HHB correspond to the...
  12. Traps71

    Note to College Freshman Parents

    There is also this thing called beer and alcohol. Back in the stone ages when I was in college, the additional weight many folks put on from those empty calories was called the "Freshman 15." More recently replaced by the "Covid 19," from all the stress eating and drinking folks did during the...
  13. Traps71

    Solutions for Poor Cell Signal When Livestreaming?

    Thanks for this. I assume the Netgear antenna is plugged into the hotspot?
  14. Traps71

    Solutions for Poor Cell Signal When Livestreaming?

    Sorry, I am not familiar with this. How would this be different than what I am doing now?
  15. Traps71

    Solutions for Poor Cell Signal When Livestreaming?

    Wireless connection from the Mevo Plus to the iPad. I bought the camera in spring/summer 2020, I think just as Mevo was phasing or had phased it out for the Mevo Start. Bought one from a reseller. Have had no issues with the camera, but have noticed over past several weeks that poor cell...

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