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    This pitching motion legal?

    Every pitch came from the same arm angle.
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    This pitching motion legal?

    She didn't throw very hard but was having success. Several were pulling off the ball and hitting off the end of the bat with some missing altogether. As you'd expect, none of them have probably batted against a side arm pitcher before.
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    This pitching motion legal?

    Did you watch the video or just see the screen capture? The difference between them is huge when watching the videos. Also, I think you need to look at the release, not the point leading up to it. I think this is from the same video that your pic came from.
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    This pitching motion legal?

    I sent a message with the info. Let me know if you need any additional information.
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    This pitching motion legal?

    I haven't seen anything like it since 10u when pitchers are still trying to figure it out. Couldn't believe someone made it to 18u pitching that way without someone saying something. Was pretty much 100% sure it was illegal, and I think the opposing teams coaches brought it up but didn't push...
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    This pitching motion legal?!AjeNQl9VEybaptZ8EmGGTZcVH95lnQ?e=bFRpbp Saw this over the weekend and was surprised to be told that the umps said it was fine. This was in USSSA and an 18u team. I really didn't care but was surprised it was said to be ok and looks like an injury waiting to happen to me.
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    D3 pitching speed

    I'm curious what be avg cruising speed for NAIA? From what has been said so far, I'm guessing upper 50s?
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    NAIA scholarship question

    Thanks, this was helpful. The softball team has been very good over the last 5 years and was originally expecting her not to be able to make the team potentially. She seems mostly focused on an academic/college environment fit but getting to continue to be involved with softball is a big plus...
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    Head tilt before pitch

    I assumed it would be best to have your head, and therefore your eyes level when starting your swing. Was told recently that it really didn't matter as long as they didn't move their head up or down during the swing so wanted to double check here.
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    Increased velocity with weighted ball?

    For what its worth, she just started with the 9 oz ball after it was recommended to her (has used it twice now). She needs more bend in her arm but was an issue before the weighted ball.
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    Increased velocity with weighted ball?

    I mentioned earlier in the thread that she seems to be throwing harder than expected from the Perpendicular drill that Rick Pauly has in his program. I'm wondering now if that could be related to clearing the path that she does in the full motion? She can't clear a path when doing the...
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    Increased velocity with weighted ball?

    We did some long toss in the fall and will get back to when it warms up. Long toss really helped her use her legs more
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    Increased velocity with weighted ball?

    Thanks, we have noticed the potential quad dominance and she has been doing some weightlifting to try and strengthen her glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors. Being stronger will help but needs to apply it also. We'll work on getting more bend in the arm and I remember Rick Pauly saying 135...
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    Increased velocity with weighted ball?

    I was able to get some video over the weekend.!AjeNQl9VEybaprwNpxDmml0TRdIyIg?e=5GeaJx!AjeNQl9VEybaprwRQIyBkdmL7-HC_Q?e=7lLmsd She has taken lessons and each instructor has helped her improve and overall she has had a great experience. Her goal is really...
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    Increased velocity with weighted ball?

    I'll need to double check to be sure, but her K wasn't much faster than the perpendicular but lined up better with it being 90% of her full motion. I'll be able to check again on Saturday. I'll plan on trying to get some video then also.

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