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    Advice Needed - college freshmen - when to worry?

    (As an FYI, hashtags don't work on DFP.) I have a mold/yeast allergy, not a moral conviction against drinking. If I drink more than one beer or one glass of wine at a sitting, I develop an incredible migraine. So, I don't drink. In my profession, I'm expected to attend many, many after-hour...
  2. sluggers

    Last High School Game for a 2022; Need to Vent

    You are upset for good reason. But, it is over, You have to help your DD take the experience and learn from it. This is not the last time your DD will be treated unfairly. It is life. Your DD should use this as a way to motivate herself, both in and out of sports. Competitors take these...
  3. sluggers

    Advice Needed - college freshmen - when to worry?

    I agree, but in a lot of settings, it is not worth the hassle of explaining. You end up being a target for people trying to get you drunk. There is a real easy way to pretend you are drinking, which I've used professionally and socially for years. Go to the bartender and get club soda or...
  4. sluggers

    Daughter Uninterested in other sports at HS level

    No. It is her journey. My DD#3 was an excellent softball player, but loved basketball. She quit playing softball her junior year of HS. I was very upset, but I knew it was her choice. Six years later, she is holding the NCAA D3 National Championship trophy for basketball. So, let her do...
  5. sluggers

    Another rant

    You can't record a video of "the hop" because it doesn't exist. And, please send me a list of these "physicists" who say the riseball "jumps" or rises. The non-existence of "the hop" is simple logic. Once the ball is thrown, there are no new forces that are applied to the ball to make it...
  6. sluggers

    Like the DROP because

    Riseballs are great in TB and HS. A kid with a decent rise will be all state. Rises aren't nearly as effective in college. At the collegiate level, modern bats allow batters to hit the ball out of the park without barreling up the bat. For female fastpitch, riseballs are very easy to hit if...
  7. sluggers

    Daughter's pitching coach wants to teach the curve before the drop - thoughts?

    Funny... I've been around softball for almost 50 years, coached for 20+ years, and I've never heard this. And, my mentor, a guy who pitched for decades and coached 3 or 4 Olympians never said that either. How come Garcia doesn't do this? How come osterman doesn't throw a screw? Where are...
  8. sluggers

    Daughter's pitching coach wants to teach the curve before the drop - thoughts?

    The baseball curve ball is the same as the softball drop ball. Depending on the pitcher's arm slot (the angle of throwing arm to the body at release), the spin on the ball will vary from 12-6, which means the ball will drop and move horizontally as well. By rule in softball, the arm slot can't...
  9. sluggers

    Why are we playing on Friday?

    Very good point. A lot of kids are lost without their college sport. They have put so much time and energy into it that they don't know what to do. The way you avoid this problem is for the parent to shut the F* up about softball as soon as they commit and start talking academics and career...
  10. sluggers

    Why are we playing on Friday?

    Yes, most parents who want their kids to play college softball are gullible. The gullible parents don't understand what "good" means. They don't understand how recruiting works. The don't understand how hard it is to get playing time at the D1 level. That makes them extremely vulnerable to...
  11. sluggers

    Why are we playing on Friday?

    Why do they show up? Well-meaning parents are being duped and manipulated by people who simply want their money. Softball people who know better feed fairy tales to parents and players. Softball charlatans are everywhere. They are in personal coaching, team coaching and tournaments...
  12. sluggers

    Why are we playing on Friday?

    We're not talking about ice cream with grandpa. We are talking about one more softball game when the kids are already playing 100 to 200 softball games per year.
  13. sluggers

    Best and easiest Screwball

    The concept is that the batter is required to (1) change her swing plane for the vertical movement and (2) adjust her swing to horizontally get the bat on the ball. The tradeoff is that the more curve the ball has, the less drop the ball has. In actual games, curve drops don't work very well...
  14. sluggers

    Why are we playing on Friday?

    No complaints, just an accurate judgment: The parents are idiots. They are taking kids from school to play in an exposure tournament when the college coaches aren't there.
  15. sluggers

    Why are we playing on Friday?

    "Fun" is rarely a great reason to do anything. Except for the very, very few, there is no future in softball. Letting kids miss school for something as trivial as softball is a terrible lesson in setting priorities.

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