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    College strike zone, Sheeeesh

    Don’t drop balls often enter the zone at the knees as a strike and then are caught just above the ground. I means it’s not where the catcher catches the ball.
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    High school sb

    I live in a wealthy town with a good school system that has had some really good softball programs. However, changing demographics and sports apathy are making things go downhill for softball and many other sports.
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    Strike out

    Tincher has said something along the line of, if a ball is put in play, 2 bad things can happen and one good thing, so go for the strikeout.
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    Pitching at 43 feet

    What speed is she throwing that you consider not so fast?
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    IS TRAVEL BALL leaving people/players/rec & school behind...OR...

    We got my DD playing travel ball at age 9 after my wife found this tournament we went to watch and realized what they were playing in rec was barely softball. My DD wanted to become a pitcher bc our family friend (now at BC) was one. Pitching is a lot, though.
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    Michael Lewis's audio book about travel softball; playing to win

    I recently listened to the audio book then looked up the daughter afterwards to see where she went to college not realizing that. So tragic and not long after it was published.
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    BC Upsets #2 Florida St

    Huge shoutout to our family friend Peyton who threw an 8-inning 1-hit shutout vs #2 ranked Florida State to move to 6-1 on the season. This was a girl who in 14-U was told by a coach that she would never pitch D1, and who as a Freshman in college was told by her head coach she was only good...
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    Finger pressure

    I hate to call it a curve, because she isn’t doing any spinning with her fingers. But maybe there is more than one way to throw a curve? It’s more, palm faces catcher for drop, palm faces more towards 3rd for “cutter” or “curve”. They are just FB variations.
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    Finger pressure

    He’s my 11 year-old DD’s “cutter.” She throws it the same speed as her FB. Uses a 2 seam grip, but I think it’s just as much about palm orientation as it is finger pressure or grip.
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    Strike out

    Sounds like you’re coaching my DD. Also 1st year 12-U. Had no idea why she was striking out so many girls in the fall vs good competition (mostly 2nd year teams). But I’ve had multiple coaches over the years comment how well she hides the ball then it’s suddenly on them.
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    Valerie Cagle Drop

    Any thoughts on Cagle’s drop? Guessing it is a peel? Looks like she finishes it like an uppercut.
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    When to leave????

    When my daughter was 10 she wanted to leave a team in the winter, so we found a new team - simple as that. Coached was pissed - said word will get around when you leave teams. I’ve seen so many girls switch teams, it never stops them from finding a place to play. Travel is mercenariary, try...
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    Reluctant to throw hard

    My DD’s 11U team had pitchers throw to batters for the first time this winter yesterday, but just had them bunting. My DD appeared to hit a girl right in the face mask and she can throws pretty hard for 11 (PR is 54mph). (I was taking video from far away in slow mo and it looks like it actually...
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    Travel versus Club is there a difference?

    No 12-u team in Eastern PA is ranked an A in USSSA, not even the one qualified for PGF Nationals. 🤷‍♂️
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    Travel versus Club is there a difference?

    In NJ, there isn’t a huge difference at 10-U and 12-U between travel and club. And many town travel teams draw girls from other areas. Last year my daughter played club in the fall and for a town travel team in the spring/summer at 10U. She didn’t live in the town she played for. The...