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    Bad catcher, good pitcher

    This thread reminds me of what Hall of Fame broadcaster and former MLB catcher Bob Uecker said when asked how he caught Phil Niekro's knuckle ball. He said, "I waited until it stopped rolling and picked it up."
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    Daughter Uninterested in other sports at HS level

    I assume you mean she has the right to make the final decision and not merely a say in it. Yes, she might regret not playing, and it's good parenting to ensure that she's thought it through. But she might also regret playing when she didn't want to do it. I'd trust her to decide what she's...
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    How to tell coach my dd isnt a robot?

    My only advice is don't be a jerk about it. When DD was in high school, the best player on the team quit early season because the dad got into an unnecessary argument with the coach over something kinda like this. Dad was right, but lacked tact and came across as selfish and arrogant. Kid came...
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    How to score this play on Game Changer

    @Crabby_Bob posted rules on the previous post that indicates that my trusted source's interpretation apparently was wrong and that I was right in my initial post, that it would be a fielder's choice. I don't know who to trust anymore, including myself. :)
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    How to score this play on Game Changer

    Well, heck. Just spoke w/ a guy who has worked as a scorekeeper for college teams, and his view makes me totally wrong: Anytime a batted ball hits a runner before passing an infielder, the runner is out, the batter is credited with a hit, the batter is put on 1B, and all runners return to the...
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    How to score this play on Game Changer

    That makes me second-guess half my original answer. If the ball is going directly and routinely to the shortstop, it's a fielder's choice. Confident about that. However, it's possible that if the runner is forced to third that any ball that hits the runner advancing to third is a fielder's...
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    How to score this play on Game Changer

    Ball in play. Shortstop is credited with an unassisted putout on a fielder's choice. That's assuming that you've judged that the shortstop would've gotten an out somewhere had the interference not occurred. If the shortstop didn't have a clear play on the ball, then it can be ruled a hit, but...
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    COLLEGE COACH WANTS vs. Players preference

    Love the whipsaw analogy.
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    It's not what you know, it's WHO the coaches know.

    Good points here. It's very challenging to scout players and project them. My DD, frankly, was overrated. Not many Dads would say that. :) I also believe that the cream generally rises to the top, and one shouldn't worry too much about where they wind up. It's what you do once you get there...
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    High school softball

    I like this approach. Most HS teams practice too much anyway, IMO, especially those w/ a bunch of travel players. They're already playing year-round.
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    Coaches: Harsh Conditions Do Not a Great Garden Make

    Players learn to rationalize it, too. "My parents love me and wouldn't let people treat me like this unless it's good for me.'' Or "I wouldn't let people treat me like this unless it's what I wanted and need.'' To question your coach is to question authority, your parents and yourself. Pretty...
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    Working at home questions

    Aside from talent, the most important predictor, IMO, is how much the player enjoys competing in softball games, and not work ethic. Work ethic is nice, but it's a trait that depends on passion to be sustained. Lot of kids have work ethic early because that's how they're wired, but then they...
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    Coaches: Harsh Conditions Do Not a Great Garden Make

    Probably, but having your office staff run poles in the parking lot has been shown to increase productivity. Furthermore, the command ''Throw strikes!" sharpens focus in the work place, though no one can explain why. It just works.
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    A-B-C is whatever anyone wants it to be. It's all a myth. If you take every 12U team in the county and rank them 1 to 5,000 or whatever, you're not going to find a dividing line anywhere that clearly separates one group from another. There's no magical border that separates teams with two...
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    Would moving fences back...

    MLB's traditions are more sacred. Babe Ruth used a wood bat. If you change the bats, it ruins all that once was good and could be again (presuming you've seen Field of Dreams). I could be wrong here, but college and youth sports went to metal bats because it originally saved money. They were...

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