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    Throwing Progression

    Pitching Forum stickies
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    Too early to worry?

    I remember first starting out in TBall, organizing a league with over 100 kids. It all went very well until parents decided we needed to start keeping score and having Ws and Ls. All my kids were gone and I had no interest in "competitive" TBall and left . Everything folded within 2 years...
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    Please sign up

    you are looking at the number of members online at that moment. the Forum Statistics show over 18000 members. there are obviously regulars and semi-regulars (and a few irregulars) that rotate in and out. DFP is by far the best fastpitch forum there is.
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    Dad and coach joining the forum!

    This is what I meant. The reference was only to times on the field. I coached all three of my DDs in softball. Coach on the field, Dad off the field.
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    Softball Ambassador Job at GameChanger

    interesting non response 🤔
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    Dad and coach joining the forum!

    The last paragraph, eh. You can be her coach or her dad but not both at the same time.
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    Softball Ambassador Job at GameChanger

    interesting. can a few folks tell me about their experiences with this, please? I know nothing about it. thanks.
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    Please wish me luck (:

    Today, in this IR pitching wasteland that is Chautauqua County, I did my first lesson with my first paying student in a brand new gym. Our goal is to exorcise the bowling mechanics and have her ready for JV ball in the late spring of 2022. She's a good kid with the tools there for her to learn...
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    Batting Philosophy

    OK, I'm not getting deep in the weeds here but I use my #9 spot as a second leadoff hitter. It often extends the inning. Or, #9 leads off, gets on, and now I have more options with top of the order. Personal preference based on experience is all.
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    Batting Philosophy

    Having your best batters get fewer bats because you can't make through the order to get to them more times doesn't work for me. Sure, this a specific little strategy but every time a sure third out #9 hitter gets up and makes that third out, your top batters are seeing less chances. Just the...
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    Batting Philosophy

    I have no problems hitting a good batter last. Many times she will be at or near the top of the order for that inning. And many times they will be the bridge from the lower part of the order to the top to keep an inning going.
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    monkey butt and quad dominance, Are they linked?

    you're killing me, Bill :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: 😜
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    Back yard batting cage?

    if you're asking me, that's the one we hit in now and in the student's back yard. Pipe might be bigger but not much and it's the whole cage. I was think PVC could also be used.
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    Back yard batting cage?

    1" pipe for a cage, secure the netting, good to go.

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