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Recent content by chinamigarden

  1. chinamigarden

    When to begin hitting instruction?

    I would say when you realize buying a $400 bat didn’t help.
  2. chinamigarden

    Is this acceptable?

    Yes. Once you have type 1 (at this point) you have to take insulin forever. Diet controls how much insulin you need, but will never eliminate it. With Type 1 your body stops making insulin, with type 2 your body makes it, but doesn’t use it properly.
  3. chinamigarden

    Is this acceptable?

    You are correct. Type 1 diabetes (juvenile) is caused by immune response to a virus. Here are pics of my dd the year she was diagnosed. Anyone who can show me where the cookies caused the disease is welcome to try.
  4. chinamigarden

    Unraveling Pitching Frustrations

    Maturing as a pitcher (and a hitter) is to Take one pitch at a time. That good play or bad play that just happened has nothing to do with the pitch you are about to throw. That bad (or great) pitch or call or play has to be immediately forgotten and the only thing that matters is this pitch...
  5. chinamigarden

    How do you handle another parent trashing your DD?

    Same guy will be bitching next year because his dd is being over used. The old joke about 1 pitcher being too few and 2 being too many.
  6. chinamigarden

    Caught stealing %--12U

    Caught stealing stats are hard to compare. On many GC teams a stolen base is often a Wild Pitch or passed ball. Not an actual SB. Those will suppress the actual cs numbers
  7. chinamigarden

    Look back v. leaving early

    Kirk Gibson one said that as a manager it was his job to know the rules as well as the ump. He would study sections of the rule book during the season to refresh his memory. His thought was as the manager he might have an opportunity to win a game by his knowledge of the rules and it was his...
  8. chinamigarden

    Rules Catchers Should Know

    I always taught it’s not foul until the ump says it’s foul. Play on until then.
  9. chinamigarden

    Scholarship question

    Odd perspective. No one ever says Alabama isn’t a good enough football state since their coach and many of their players are not from Alabama.
  10. chinamigarden

    Diffrent pitches 12u pitchers should know

    How many pitches does a 12u pitcher need? However many it takes to get outs. That’s the answer at all ages. And at the highest level you only need 3 really good pitches that you can spot. If that means learning 3 pitches or maybe she needs to learn 5 but only 3 that she likes enough to master...
  11. chinamigarden

    WHIP Calculations

    It’s not a hit or a walk, it doesn’t affect whip. WHIP is literally Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched. Nothing else is calculates into that number. dropped 3rd is still counted as a strike out for the pitchers stats.
  12. chinamigarden

    WHIP Calculations

    Those aren’t hits. How many strike outs a game is she averaging? My idea of a perfect inning is 3 pitches all resulting in weak ground balls. Your dd can pitch a whole lot more innings that way, then if she needs 20 pitches an inning to get more strikeouts.
  13. chinamigarden

    Dropped third strike help

    I am going to assume that there were already 2 outs when this happened. The answer depends on what happens after the ball was thrown. Was the batter/runner out at first? Then no run. Same as any other force out for the third out of an inning.
  14. chinamigarden

    WHIP Calculations

    A ball put into play isn’t a hit, unless it’s a hit. So outs and errors do not count against whip and they dont count as a positive towards batting average.

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