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    Fall 2022 Roster and Schedule Release

    That's pretty neat! I'd love to do something similar for DD's team, but I didn't even get around to doing the highlight clips I had planned for the past season.
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    WTS 2018 Louisville Slugger Xeno 30 19 (-11) - $95

    like the title says, 2018 Xeno 30/19 (actual weight 20.8 oz). Just normal wear, no cracks, rattles, etc. just a little bit of the tape coming off securing the aftermarket Lizard drip. $95 shipped.
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    Solutions for Poor Cell Signal When Livestreaming?

    Check if any of the parents have hotspots from their employer that you can borrow during games. I'm running a Netgear Nighthawk M1 hotspot with Netgear external antenna, and I also found the antenna to make a big difference. I generally keep the hotspot in backpack near the backstop, but found...
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    Posing the question about the purpose of playing college softball….

    This is actually my goal for my DDs. I'm hoping softball will give them some sort of edge in getting into the school of their choice. If it's their goal to actually play an inning of college softball, that's up to them.
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    Parent of 14U player in Philly suburbs

    Welcome from Delaware County!
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    POLL~About Travel Coach Pay

    I’m a non-coach, but it seems to be a no-brainer that travel coaches need some sort of compensation. Maybe discounted/free fees for their DD but definitely salary for non-parent coaches. No f-ing way I’m losing two nights a week and multiple weekends, taking away time from my own family to spend...
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    Stalling For the Win

    My DD was in a similar situation, but it effectively killed her interest in pitching and she was never the same. It probably means she didn't have the mental toughness to be a pitcher, so I figure better to find out now than later.
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    WTS All Star 33.5" Catchers Mitt (CMW2511) / All Star AF Elite 12.5" Outfield Glove

    Dropping outfield glove to $89 shipped. Catchers mitt is sold.
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    Player pitching in two age classes simultaneously

    I can't speak for the larger organizations, but I know in our local rec organization, there was a 12u eligible pitcher who was on the roster of both 14u and 12u, but only allowed to pitch in 14u.
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    WTS Queen of the Hill trainer

    Selling a Queen of the Hill, includes both springs and Allen wrench. $260 shipped with insurance.
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    WTS 2020 Easton Ghost 32/21 (-11) / 2021 Mizuno Power Carbon 30/20

    Ghost was bought on impulse for DD but she needs a -10. Only used for indoor hitting practice, no pitching machines. Never yet seen a field. Warranty good until Nov 26, receipt will be included. $250 shipped Mizuno was only used for the spring 2021 season, but it sure doesn’t show. It’s a...
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    WTS All Star 33.5" Catchers Mitt (CMW2511) / All Star AF Elite 12.5" Outfield Glove

    1. All Star Elite 12.5" Outfield glove Originally bought as a back-up for DD, but she never used it. Partially broken in, but still stiff and you'll need to continue to break in. I think used for catch a few times, but never for a full practice or game. Regular price is $149 on the All Star...
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    (Sold) 2018 Easton Ghost Blue 32/23 (-9)

    Couple more pics added on request

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