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    monkey butt and quad dominance, Are they linked? An example of this is someone who is a toe walker gets surgery to lengthen achilles tendons because they dont have enough ROM in their ankles to walk normally. 6 weeks after surgery they'll likely still be walking on their toes if...
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    Lillian 7 years old

    Dew, I'd just throw her tennis balls/whiffles at 7 y/o (depending on your access to space). And not worry too much. She does drag it a bit, probably because she's trying to hit it in the air off the tee IMO. Play catch. Work on throwing. Learn to throw underhand or play catcher(or both at...
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    monkey butt and quad dominance, Are they linked?

    I posted yesterday but didnt try to address the OP question haha. To make it simple quads are knee extensors and also HIP FLEXORS!!!!(to be more accurate 1 of the 4 quad muscles is a hip flexor). So when they contract they are exerting force to bend at the hip. So yes a quad dominance would...
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    Drop ball string target

    Cool. Id bet 1$ thats not a drop ball from Abbott. The fact that you think it is a drop is pretty telling to me. Maybe Im wrong. Hopefully some others will chime in tomorrow.
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    monkey butt and quad dominance, Are they linked?

    I think a key thing in "quad dominance" vs "posterior chain" is not the strength of the muscles, but which muscles the athletes are using when actually moving. Which muscles are being employed by the brain. In quad dominant athletes, their brains and nervous systems are developed or have been...
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    Drop ball string target

    I dont think shes pulling up. Her hand is turning over because of IR, AKA whip. And Im not sure how thats a drop from Abbott. Her palm is up when the ball leaves her hand. Do you have video of the entire pitch?
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    Drop ball string target

    @Shawn Arent those gifs both riseballs?(or "curves") Heres a drop from osterman. Not much "pull up" IMO. Can we see a video of your drop vs your fastball?
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    Pelvic tilt

    When I hear "pelvic tilt" I think that the pelvis is tilting without the femurs or torso moving. Pretty much bad all around. When I hear hip hinge(hip flexion) I think that the torso is fixed to the pelvis. So if the pelvis moves the torso moves. This is good since the body's biggest muscles...
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    Throwing issue

    She starts good but then moves her elbow under/around the ball instead of moving the ball around her elbow(less ER more pushy). Water bottle drill is probly good.
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    Question for the group

    Does she lift weights? Weights can beat you up.
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    Fastpitch hitters

    Haha! Ya Ive always been intrigued with his swing. He is probly the antithesis of the FP swing.
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    Fastpitch hitters

    What about this forearm Mr @efastball !
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    This Old Man is dusting off the cleats

    I thought some looked "better" than others in this regard. It's tough to tell between you and tatis with angles and whatnot. I dont think you're in a terrible spot, Im really more interested in seeing how that cue effects your swing and maybe what other unintended things it might cause.
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    Good or bad swinging down

    Gonna go out on a limb here and say good. The bat going around her like that looks a lot like bonds or stanton on alot of swings. I dont think its forced. Thats the way its supposed to go(depending on pitch)
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    This Old Man is dusting off the cleats

    Ya I definitely noticed they all looked like you were trying different things. And ya the 3rd one I would have guessed you were trying something like that. I think if you could combine #1 and #5/6(edit changed from 3) it might look really good.

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