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  1. BigNateDawg

    WTB WTB - Backup 33 -10

    I have a few posted on here!
  2. BigNateDawg

    ** Have 3 bats for sale and will give deals if bulked together!! **

    I had 3 post before but wanted to put them all on 1...thanks for looking! 2021 DeMarini Prism+ 34"/24oz $275 Basically brand new, only used in a few tournaments. 2020 Louisville RXT 33"/23oz $200 Basically brand new also only used a few times. 2018 Rawlings Quatro 33"/23oz $150 Used but...
  3. BigNateDawg

    2020 RXT 33” 23

    Basically brand new, DD has only used it a few times! $250 that includes shipping
  4. BigNateDawg

    Colorado Sparkler

    We went out there 2 years ago and it was amazing! I love the outdoors and mountains so I was in love from the start! The fields are nice for the most part, plenty of stuff to do in the area too. On an off day I would suggest driving to Estes Park and experience Rocky Mountain National Park...
  5. BigNateDawg

    PRICE DROP - 2021 DeMarini Prism+ 34/24

    We just got this bat as a replacement from our broken 2020 Louisville RXT. My daughter used it on our last tournament and doesn't care for it. She wants an RXT again. Nothing wrong with it, only used in 4 games. $300 and that will include shipping ($399 new) Our RXT went dead after 2 months so...
  6. BigNateDawg

    2021 DeMarini Prism + 34/24 (sell or trade)

    PRICE DROP!!!!! $300.....just want to move this so I can get her another RXT.
  7. BigNateDawg

    Louisville Slugger rep

    I get a 20% off discount with our new team! It's not huge but it helps!
  8. BigNateDawg

    Louisville Slugger rep

    2020 RXT 34/24 for me! I found them on but if someone has the hookup let me know!
  9. BigNateDawg

    Louisville Slugger rep

    Yeah....I'd like to know too! 🤠
  10. BigNateDawg

    2021 DeMarini Prism + 34/24 (sell or trade)

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  11. BigNateDawg

    Rawlings Quatro 33/23

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