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Who's calling?

Sep 29, 2014
This is one of my BIG pet peeves about the game these days. Every single pitch is called by the coaches and it is really annoying to see these wristbands and then switching out wristbands as you swap pitches (saw that on TV this weekend). Is it really that hard for the pitcher and catcher to study charts before going into a series then get with pitching coach for the weekend and understand tendencies then take what the umpire is giving you mix in what is working that game for the pitcher an you now have an evolving game plan.

If you have zero information on the batters at a random 14U weekend tourney, exactly what the heck are you doing as a coach? You are just making stuff up....not gonna get on that soapbox today... my favorites are the 12U bucket dad coaches and father of the #1 pitcher calling pitches for DD who can't locate a pitch within two feet.
Jul 14, 2018
DD pitches in 12U and has played up in a number of 14U games this spring. Between middle school, rec ball, and travel, she will almost never see the same hitters in more than one game, nor will she face another individual pitcher more than twice. A full staff of scouts could hardly get reliable data on how to pitch any given hitter at this age level.

I still call pitches for her rec team, but I'm trying to let the catcher do more of it. Mostly, I'm just concerned about DD getting lazy and throwing everything over the middle. She's gotten to the point where she can hit spots reliably, so I feel like my role is mostly to mix it up, try not to get into too predictable a pattern, and recognize when the hitter is showing a flaw that she can exploit.

Her primary catcher is a bright kid, and in broaching the subject of having her take over pitch-calling duty I asked her if her catching coach had ever spoken to her about effective velocity. Blank stare. When I explained it to her she got it right away, and I've had her call a few innings since.
Mar 13, 2010
Your daughter if she gets lazy will learn very quickly what happens to lazy pitchers. They get belted.

Let her fail. Let her be lazy and learn her lesson.

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