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Frustrating Season.....

Dec 18, 2016
My DD had been with a team for about 3 years. She grew, as a result of working hard and lessons... and had fun but at the end of three years it was time for a change. The HC was not a teacher, they were a yeller and one who believed more reps the better, but wouldn't actually teach or show. There were also some pretty significant cliques forming.

My DD decided it was time to move on. First year 14U team and she's got a great, although disorganized coach. She's learned allot in the short time she's been with her new team...BUT, there's always a but. The team has had almost a 100% turnover since fall ball, girls leaving because they didn't want to play ball so now the girls are all getting to know each other all over.

The HC coaches High School ball and is super busy so we definitely aren't as busy as we once were. Tough to get used to, but I hold out hope that my DD will continue to grow this year and by the end of the year the team will come together as one or we'll be looking again. First tournament and my DD hurts her throwing shoulder so she's out for a few weeks at least; man...when it rains it pours.

I try to be positive about this team and this coach and we will most definitely finish out the season, but man....makes that leaving decision tougher to swallow although necessary.

End of rant....
Mar 6, 2018
We went thru something similar last year. Just do things up front and find the best fit for your daughter. We made a really tough decision last year to leave a great group of girls. There ended up being a coaching change Aug 3/4 of the way thru the season and only 2weeks after we had given notice that we would be leaving (after finishing out our commitment for the fall tournaments). We were approached by other parents to stay with the team and give the new coaches a try. We already had given our new team a verbal commitment even though they still needed 3more girls to complete the team. It was a tough choice to head into unknown waters but we decided to proceed with the new team mainly because we loved the coaches and didn't want to risk what those new coaches might offer. Their character was questionable and a little unknown. Eight months later my daughter is happy and thriving. The team we left is having remarkable success trophy hunting since early March. Building character and skills with positive coaching trumps any trophy imho.

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