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2020 Demarini Prism owner's discussion

Jun 6, 2018
Yeah not surprised as the original prism seemed to take about 150-200 hits to come around and start mirroring the exit speeds of the Easton ghost last year. (Kind of like the Eason gold ghost out of the wrapper). One item of note in that video is the Prism was a 32/22 and the CF zen was 33/23.

Jun 6, 2018
Well finally got the bat. A teammate got theirs saturday and tested it yesterday. She said it felt like a huge sweet spot on it, said nothing felt like a mishit. She also liked the way the ball was jumping off the barrel out of the wrapper. She had been using a cf zen and thought the prism after about 100 hits was as good as the cf zen that had 500+ swings on it. She hopes to use in games next week.

Daughter got a 33/23 and just swung nothing yet outside as still cold up in the midwest. she said it feels lighter than her 32/22 ghosts. hoping to get it into the cage over the next week and into HS games in the following week to see how it does.
Jun 6, 2018
Don't have much to report on here as my DD is still hitting .500 for school ball with her 32/22 ghost so she has not wanted to start using the 33/23 prism. A former teammate of hers got it too and has been using it and says it feels pretty hot right out of the wrapper. Waiting for her to get some more swings on it before making any commentary on it. The one thing I can say is that the 33/23 prism feels lighter than the 32/22 ghost. .1 of an ounce difference weighing the 2 but the prism feels lighter as seems to be more evenly balanced. Only have seen 1 other prism so far in games this past weekend but the user never made contact so couldn't get any information from that.
May 19, 2016
DDs teammate busted her new one out at a tourney this past weekend. Used it in one game and went back to her trusted CF8. Her dad who is an ast coach said he’s gonna have to break it in before she uses it again. Kids can be so finicky at times. Lol
Jun 12, 2015
I'm curious too. We went from a CF8 to a CF Zen for our DD and she loves it, even better than the CF8. I was a little disappointed she didn't get the Prism but mostly because it looks cool. :D
Apr 30, 2018
My dd has had hers for about 3 weeks now and loves it . It definitely takes a couple hundred swings to get it really going. She also had the first non all sanctioned Prism when it first came out and I really believe those are/were a lot hotter right out of the wrapper. She busted that one and I sold the replacement bat , which I now regret. But this current version has really got going here recently . They are a true Demarini in that they are weighted almost exactly as stamped. She also gave the -10 power carbon a try and never liked it as much as I wanted her to, but it definitely had a different feel to it.
Feb 26, 2018
I'm really debating which one to get my DD who is 13, but still plays 12U (lucky her with an early '06 bday). She's swinging a 31/20 CFX, but I'm torn between getting her the 31/21 Prism, or getting her the 32/21. It sounds like they may swing light, but just wondering what anyone else's thoughts would be on it. I think jumping to the 32/22 might be too much of a change, but what do I know? She's 5'6" and probably 125ish...

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