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  1. chardrok

    2020 LXT

    It's a Louisville Slugger.
  2. chardrok

    1B Glove/Mitt Question

    DD is 11, and I've never followed softball before, so I'm just at the 5 year mark. ;)
  3. chardrok

    Dear Catcher.. from your freindly umpire

    It's almost like you were at our game last weekend. Of course our team was the one that used the opposite bag on a drop third that carried the catcher(DD) into foul territory. Same weekend, opposing coach argued with the umpire(s), and they even had to call the TD over when our third baseman...
  4. chardrok

    1B Glove/Mitt Question

    This must be a throwback to some past rule or pseudo rule, because I've heard this before. I've never read it in a rule book, but I've heard of this. Might have been a baseball thing at one time.
  5. chardrok

    Dear Catcher.. from your freindly umpire

    We had a couple of umpires this year that would signal where the pitch missed on every ball. It went over well with the coaches, and made the umpire seem really assured of his own call.
  6. chardrok

    Errors Vs Effort

    On #2 it sounds like an error unless the scorekeepers DD is playing SS. Then it's miraculous effort. ;)
  7. chardrok

    scoring on third out

    Nice. I'm still waiting on DW's first official mistake. So far they've been entered as errors on the husband, but she's the one with the score book. :D
  8. chardrok

    1B Glove/Mitt Question

    I believe it's fine in ASA and USSSA. My DD is always trying to sneak her Easton catcher's mitt on the field when she's not catching, but her coach won't allow it. It's very first base mitt-like. The only ruleset I've seen it illegal in is Dixie where you can only wear a mitt at 1st or...
  9. chardrok

    Opinions on this single post web?

    Well, as long as I'm an anarchist, "Does that come with a Velcro strap?" :LOL:
  10. chardrok

    Folding chair carry bags suck!

    This may be a solution to my fold up net as well. The bag that came with it is shot.
  11. chardrok

    Folding chair carry bags suck!

    Top arrow: shoulder strap bottom arrow: velcro strap Forgive the mouse art in MS Paint.
  12. chardrok

    Folding chair carry bags suck!

    They just need to attach the shoulder strap to the chair, and give us a velcro strap(also attached) to stretch around the legs to them together once it's folded. Boom, no bag necessary.
  13. chardrok

    Opinions on this single post web?

    I think it lacks visual appeal. The web just seems a bit Spartan.
  14. chardrok

    Wait, WTF? Is that the real ruling?

    Okay. Strike on the swing. Dead ball when the ball hits the batter, so the batter cannot advance to first, even it it is a dropped third strike right? I wouldn't think it could be a dropped third strike if the ball hit the batter because the ball is dead before it reaches the catcher. Plus...
  15. chardrok

    Dear Catcher.. from your freindly umpire

    Lol. I forwarded this thread to my DD yesterday.
  16. chardrok

    Do you ever stop working on basic mechanics??

    Concentrate on this. ^^^ Think of it as a few tweaks. Though you may not have been practicing/learning as efficiently as you might like, it's a marathon. Try to enjoy the journey. Don't feel bad for your DD when she has someone who will work with her and put in the time and research that...
  17. chardrok

    We are cheaters...

    This is the problem. No umpire. You're the one that actually got cheated. It should have been dead ball when the pitcher had possession on the mound. Your runner should have been sent to the base he was closest to when that happened. The tag should not have counted.
  18. chardrok

    We are cheaters...

    If the kid didn't swing at the first pitch, and it's a five pitch league, then I don't understand why it would be strike 3 after two swinging strikes. There are only swinging strikes in the Dixie coach pitch rules that I'm familiar with. Generally, as I recall, the player gets 5 pitches or 3...
  19. chardrok

    Easton Pro-X Catcher's Helmet

    I go by what I have observed and what other DFP'ers report here. Head protection IS of the UTMOST importance, period. If there's a rumor about a brand of helmet, I steer clear of it. I haven't let my daughter near an Easton helmet, and I've never seen an LS helmet that would even pass the eye...

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