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  1. chardrok

    Softball v. Baseball Glove?

    Reading through the "Help DD needs a new glove" posts, I've been surprised by references to gloves made for baseball popping up. Most of those I've seen are at least 12"+ gloves. At what point is a baseball glove a good softball glove? My daughter mainly uses a catcher's mitt, so that's easy...
  2. chardrok

    Equipment Buys at My House

    Me: I'll bet you're catcher leg guards are getting too short. I found some good ones on clearance in your color. They're on their way. DD: What? I don't want new legs. I like my old ones. Me: Put them on.... Measuring and marking where her knee hits the pad ensues... The knee cap is...
  3. chardrok

    Wilson Shock FX 2 mask on clearance @ BB monkey $55 2 colors both sizes

    *** on clarification, it's the baseball mask, not the fastpitch FYI, because a lot of us were disappointed when the line was dropped. $65 on clearance, $55 after applying the code MLB15. They have the small/medium in black and navy. The large is in royal and navy. @ baseballmonkey
  4. chardrok

    Glove: Louisville Slugger LXT 12" Fielder's Glove Reviews? Experiences?

    Does anyone out there have any experience with this glove? I can't find a single review on this particular glove, and on similar models all I can find are a few Amazon reviews. How can you trust an Amazon review when people deduct stars for the glove being too hard to break in? It's full...
  5. chardrok

    Wilson Pro Stock V. Wilson Shock FX 2

    My DD's Wilson Shock FX 2 grill snapped in two at some point, and we were given a "like replacement" voucher to spend at Wilson. We ordered the Pro Stock baseball catcher's mask, and I thought I'd share some side by sides. The Pro Stock helmet shell is very similar in profile to the Shock...
  6. chardrok

    Repair Wilson Shock FX 2.0 Fastpitch Helmet Grill? Final Tournament in a week.

    Okay, so DD has the shock fx 2.0 by Wilson. We've had it under a year, but a joint on the cage of the mask has broken. I have no idea how. She doesn't throw it off, and she hasn't taken many to the grill. The problem is that Wilson doesn't sell parts, and all they're willing to do is a...
  7. chardrok

    Champro Catcher's Gear? Anyone Seen it or Tried it?

    I'm not really in the market for more catcher's gear yet, but I was curious if anyone had tried or even seen the Champro gear? The only place I have seen it is online. I'm wondering if it's really cheap knock off junk that could endanger your kid, or if it's actually passable.
  8. chardrok

    Gearing Up an 8U Catcher

    My daughter has played catcher for 2 years now in the local rec league. She'll be 9 next year when the season starts. We've been using a set of gear that the coach has. It's a box store Wilson EZ baseball set. I've been waiting to buy her gear until I was sure she was really interested in...

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